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This weekend, the Junior team   as well as the reserve team undertook a preparatory course for the 2014 season.

On Saturday morning, the two teams attended a meeting aimed at  recalling  the values ​​of the club and the team, setting calendars and  objectives  and reviewing some theoretical points concerning training. If this is then  followed  the presentation of  packages  for dog runners as well as taking individual portraits.
The meal was taken collectively at VCC headquarters.
On Saturday afternoon, for a capricious weather, output  initially  planned  has  therefore  been replaced  by a collective session 1:30 home trainer consists of specific exercises.

The course ended on Sunday morning with an exit of 3h30 for the juniors and of 5h for the reserve team which was  also  accompanied  by the seniors and DN2.


Find all the pictures of the collective training of 09/02/14 on the page “The News – Photos-Videos “.

Photo credits: Patrick Berjot.




Decidedly, Jérémie Duperron no longer leaves the podium. After finishing on the 2nd place several times in recent weeks, yesterday at the cyclo-cross of Saint-Didier under Riverie, Jérémie seizes third place.

Photo credit: Ludivine Maitre-Soup



 To all the members of our fan club, a fitting of the polos if you wish it is planned Thursday, February 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm Club House with Sylvie Blondet.

Find all the information about the fan club here !




● Sunday 2 February:

– Cyclo-cross of Servas: Jérémie Duperron 2nd.


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After a first rally in December, mainly devoted to administrative formalities and collective outings since the beginning of January, the elite team of VC Caladois met last weekend.

Saturday morning program: photo shoot with partners and medical visit. The riders were able to talk to the club doctor and analyze different parameters. In the afternoon, a collective outing regrouped the DN and the reserve team. The Juniors were able to share most of this session during which a few specific exercises were carried out. At the end of the latter, Anthony Barle, the manager and sports director brought together the runners of the DN2. He notably recalled the philosophy of the club,

The latter also participated in the collective training of the club this Sunday morning. A 4 hour exit is on the menu. Each DN2 runner was also given his 2014 package including the new outfits (Read here ).

François-Régis Olivier by Direct Vélo

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot





Sunday 26th January:

– Cyclo-cross of Condrieu: Jérémie Duperron 2nd.



Find all the photos of the collective training session on Saturday and Sunday on the page “The News – Photos-Videos “.


Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.


This weekend the Elite team will meet for the first time in this year 2014.
No respite for our Caladois who will be busy this Saturday and Sunday. On the program: photo sessions with our partners for the 2014 brochure, individual meetings with the team doctor and a technical meeting, a 3 hours Saturday exit with the reserve team and to finish our Elite team will be present Sunday To the collective training of the VCC for a course of 4 hours.
It is also this weekend that each rider of DN2 will be given his package 2014 including the new outfits.Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.



         At the dawn of a first season at Vélo Club Caladois, Clément Dornier, the last recruit of the DN2 team agrees to answer our questions.

”  Site  : Then Clément, tell us a bit about your journey before your arrival in Caladois.

Clement:I was a fencer and cyclist at the same time, despite my good results in fencing I preferred the two wheels certainly because of my dad practicing cycling. I take my first license in 2006 at the VC Pontarlier in my Haut-Doubs natal then I evolved and I passed in the club “reference of the corner”, the Vélo Club of the Townships Morteau Montbenoît. I stayed there three years and then I went through the Elite 1st category in the club of Bourg Ain Cycling where I stayed for two years, so I know the Rhône-Alpes committee! Then I went to Switzerland with Maca-Loca Scott, the Lampre team’s reserve to discover something new. The team changed policy for the 2014 season, returning to France was obvious because there are very few teams of high level among the Helvetians.

Site: What prompted you for your 2014 season to choose the Vélo Club Caladois rather than another club?

Clément: It’s more the Vélo Club Caladois who came to get me (laughs) but in a funny context: the end of the mutations came and after finishing a cross on a Sunday, I get a message from Anthony Barle as a result of an article on a site specializing in amateur cycling. A phone call, I meet him and I immediately hooked. I could have had a better status in the Morteau team where the contacts were very advanced but it was going down one level and when we tasted the high level and there is its place there Has nothing more frustrating than to go down a step …


Site: Also, remember that you live in Pontarlier, which makes you still 3 hours drive to come to the club, the distance has not been a brake on this decision?

Clément: It’s true that I was closer in Switzerland! But this is not a brake … I have known this with Bourg-en-Bresse, there is the club apartment to lodge us, I am not to be pitied. On the other hand, one thing is certain, I will not trade my spruces and mountains against the Beaujolais vines and coasts! I am a very chauvinist who loves his terroir!


Site: Before signing at the club, were you monitoring the results of the VCC? And what do you think of the results obtained this year?

Clément : When I was at BAC, I remember very well that we had an attentive look at the results of the VCC, it is the club closest to Bourg en Bresse. The Vélo Club Caladois and the Barle family are big names in the world of cycling, from year to year it is a club that is progressing, going forward. The results demonstrate it and a second place in the French Cup of the clubs of DN2 is not nothing, it is the work of a whole collective and I love this mentality!


Site: From what you have already seen, what do you think of the atmosphere within the group and within the club in general?

Clément: I knew a lot of runners on the squad so I already have a few benchmarks. I came twice for the first two meetings of the club, it was cohesion placements, it’s important for a team, that’s where the collective strengthens and that’s how Built something for the upcoming season. I’m busy with my accent and this is only the beginning (laughs)! We have our second stage more sports-oriented this weekend and I look forward to finding the team! The atmosphere is top!

Site: What do you think of the 2014 calendar for future races?

Clément: It’s a really well stocked Elite Team Calendar! There are races for everyone and for all types of riders. From mythical events such as Annemasse-Bellegarde-Annemasse to stunning stage races such as the Tour de Côte d’Or … I look forward to taking part in the 2014 season!

Site: What are your expectations for this new season and do you have any specific goals?

Clément: The main objective is always for me to have fun on the bike, I always told myself that the day when the envy will not be there, I will stop. The objective of this year is clearly to be able to return to victory. No matter where and when, I know that sometimes I do not trust myself enough and that it does me harm. I would also like to be able to help my leaders at best! Collective victories are so valuable!

Site: To conclude, what can we wish you for this new year 2014?

Clement: A year without encumbrance, without physical worries and lift your arms high! ”


Thank you Clément and good season!

Follow Clément on its official website:



It is not too late to join the fan club of Vélo Club Caladois, so do not hesitate and send your registration voucher and a check for 20 euros and you will be awarded in return a polo and a cap Colors and the image of the VCC.


This Saturday, Jérémie Duperron returns to the podium by taking second place in the cyclo-cross of Andancette.


Photo credit: Philippe Pradier


Find all the photos of the collective training of 12/01/14 on the page ” News – Photos-Videos “.

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.




Sunday 12th January:
Cyclo-cross of Francheville:

– FSGT morning test: Quentin Chevalier 3rd.

– FFC test afternoon: Quentin Chevalier 15th.



Concerning the young section, the resumption of the training will be done this Wednesday 8th January.
Meet at 2:15 pm at the VCC headquarters with a small group, cadet, junior, and hope / senior.

For the training sessions on Saturday, they will resume on January 11th, appointment at 9.15am at the headquarters of the VCC with a small group, cadet and junior.

For more information, contact Jason (at or [email protected])






Sunday, January 5:

Cyclo cross of Charvieu-Chavagneux: Jérémie Duperron 7 th.

Photo credit: Ludivine Maître-Soup.


Find all the photos of the first collective training of the VCC of the season 2014 on the page “The News – Photos-Videos”.

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.


Always looking for innovation, in 2014, the VCC announces the creation of its Fan Club.
The objective of this event is to allow Caladois fans to regroup during the various events in the region in order to encourage and support our riders.
We also present “Véloup” (right on the image), the mascot of this fan-club, which we will find on the different gatherings of this season.
This fan club is open to all people who follow the teams and the club.
By joining the fan club we will give you a polo and a cap in the colors and the effigy of VC Caladois. Membership will also give you access to the VCC Club House and will allow you to purchase clothing from the team at the club’s shop.To join the fan club, nothing more simple! Simply download the membership form in the left column and return it with the annual fee of € 20. (No registration will be accepted without the membership fee).Registration form to be returned to the following address «  104 boulevard Henri Barbusse 69400 Villefranche-sur-Saône  »


● On Saturday, our Caladois competed in the Saint-Etienne-Méons cyclo-cross where Jérémie Duperron, Sébastien Hoareau and Benjamin Olivier took respectively 5th, 14th and 15th place.

● This Sunday, Jérémie Duperron signed his 7th victory by winning the Châtillon cyclo-cross. A victory that completes the prize list of Jeremiah a few days from the end of the year.
On this same cyclo-cross Thibaut Rodet and Quentin Chevalier finished 12th and 17th and Romain Guillot in the junior category took the 4th place.

Recall that Sunday 29 December, Jérémie will compete in the final of the National Cyclo-cross Challenge in Flamanville.


Photo credit: Philippe Pradier



This Sunday Jérémie Duperron, presented his title of champion Rhône-Alpes in play at the cyclo-cross of Montferrat. Unfortunately a puncture disrupted the race of our Caladois, which prevented him from reaching the podium and forced him to settle for an honorable 5th place.
Our cyclo-cross man can be proud of his season with an impressive track record of 6 victories.
Recall that he will play on December 29 the final of the National Challenge of cyclo-cross.

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot


This Saturday, each rider of the elite team received his bike for the 2014 season. We would like to thank our partners  Intersport Villefranche, Scott Sports France,  Flash Wheels and the company Look for its pedals Keo 2 max.

Reminder of the composition of the electro DN2 Pierre ALMEIDA – Vincent CANARD – CARISEY Clement – Clement Dornier – Francis GENETIER – Sébastien HOAREAU – Audric JANIN – Benjamin OLIVIER – Alexis ROMEDER – Rudy SAUTRON – Frédéric TALPIN – Florent TEGHILLO.

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot


This Sunday our Caladois were present at the cyclo-cross of Salles-Arbuissonnas.
As a cadet, Vincent Jonrond finished in 11th place.
On the side of our seniors and hopes, Jérémie Duperron finished on the podium in third place, Thibaut Rodet in 9th place, Benjamin Olivier in 10th place, Quentin Chevalier in 12th place and Alexis Romeder in 13th place.In addition, Jérémie Duperron (in the Seniors category) and Quentin Chevalier (in the category Espoirs) also won the title of champion of the Rhône following this cyclo-cross.This 3rd place of Duperron can only be encouraging to one week of the  Rhone-Alpes championship of cyclo-cross in MontFerrat, where our Caladois will give his title of champion Rhone-Alps in play.

Find the photos of this cyclo-cross  on the page “The News – Photos-Videos “.

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.


●   Cyclo-cross of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier:Seniors:
– Jérémie Duperron 6th
– Thibaut Rodet 20thJuniors:
– Romain Guillot 18th


This Saturday was the first rally for the 2014 season of the riders and the staff of the DN2 team.
This day, under the sign of relaxation and conviviality, was the opportunity for all to get to know the newcomers as well on the side of the runners as among the members of the staff.
Our Caladians were able to show their talents by fighting each other throughout the day, in the morning during football matches and in the afternoon on the track of the karting at our new partner “Speed ​​Karting”.
At the end of the afternoon, all members of the DN2 team met at the “Hotel Ici & la” (new partner) to close the day with a meeting where the management team presented the new equipment For the 2014 season as well as the pre-schedule of the DN2 team.
We would especially like to thank our partners “Speed ​​Karting” (new partner for the 2014 season), “Serra” for the meal as well as “Hotel Ici & La” (also new partner for the 2014 season) Would not have been possible.Find the pictures of this day on the page ” News – Photos-Videos “.Photo credit: Patrick Berjot



For this new issue, we appreciate the function of secretary with Marie-Claude Claudin, faithful to the VCC for years.

Characteristics and qualities required : energetic, organized, serious, sociable

Site: A woman in the world of cycling, it is not common (even if it is more and more)?

Marie-Claude Claudin : ” Now it’s quite common, but it was less common than a few decades ago, but I’ve always been at my ease (even if I do not ride a bike!), ‘Like this atmosphere. ”

Site : How did you get to know the club and its leaders? And why have you decided to invest yourself so much?

MC.C : “In the early 1970s, my husband was licensed as a 1st class member at the club, and at a general meeting I was asked to return to the office as an assistant secretary, and then I became secretary, and I’m still there. But I had known the VCC for several years, because I worked at Charles Bonnefond who was the treasurer, his father being President.
I’m used to being fully involved in what I do, it’s like that for VCC and my other activities. And how not to be happy to be part of the VCC? Our runners give us great joys every weekend! 

Site : How much time a week on average your function as secretary of the club asks you? It is not too difficult or even physical,

MC.C : ” I have never counted the time I spend taking care of the club, sometimes it is very taking according to what is organized, the races, the AG, etc.; Other times it’s much quieter.Racing organizations take a lot of time, given the increasingly important and demanding administrative work, not to mention the difficulties in finding the necessary signalers (there I spend many evenings On the phone). ”

Site : What is it that connects you to the VC Caladois, still today?

MC.C : “The VCC is part of my life, I like to see it change, evolve, and it is so great to see what it has become thanks to the involvement of the Barle family, all our partners, and of course Our runners. 

Site : Do you plan to continue much longer?

MC.C :” As long as the Barle family and I get along well … but I promise to stop before my 90 years! “(Laughs)

Website : You are also a member of Sports Council in Villefranche S / S Can you tell us a little more.?

MC.C “I am on the Board of Directors of the Sports Office of Villefranche, and participates in certain commissions. The VSO is in touch with the sports clubs and the municipality, organizes information evenings for clubs, events to bring together different athletes from the city, and manages the Maison des Sports, which houses about 40 Associations, and the management of the Center Médico-Sportif, it publishes a directory listing all the sports clubs of the city and the agglomeration. 

Thank you Marie-Claude for all the work done. And good preparation for the next GP Serra-Delorme Town Liergues!



Ten riders make up the Junior 2014 squad of the VC Caladois. Among them are Romain Guillot, Vice-Champion of France Cadets in 2012.

The Junior 2014 members of the VC Caladois:

Maxime Braga, J1
Charles-Emmanuel Cannard, J1
Joris Ducroux, J1
Romain Guillot, J2 -Our photo-
Lucas Laubal, J1
Etienne Moncel, J1
Leo Pélisse, J1
Adrien Proton, J1 (AC Tarare-Popey)
Clément Serra, J1
Clément Violay, J1

Nicolas Gachet, by Direct Vélo .

Photo credit: Patrick Berjot.


After having experienced some difficulties on the cyclo-cross of the last weekend, Jérémie Duperron our cyclo-crossman Vélo Club Caladois takes this Sunday of the second place of the cyclo-cross Savigneux.
An encouraging and promising place for the upcoming cycloscross and notably for the final of the Cyclo-cross National Challenge which will take place on 29 December.This Sunday, in the cadet category, Vincent Jonrond finishes at the 20th place of the cyclo-cross of Dijon.Photo credit: Véloracingnews loracingnews Véloracingnews Véloracingnews Véloracingnews Véloracingnews


Saturday, our Caladois competed in the cyclo-cross of Macon, Thibaut RODET, Alexis BONNARDOT and Quentin CHEVALIER take respectively the 8th, 11th and 12th places.
In juniors, Romain Guillot finished 10th at Andrézieux-Bouthéon.This Sunday, Jérémie DUPERRON competed in the second round of the cyclo-cross national challenge at Quelneuc (Morbihan) where he could not try his luck victim of a puncture arrived early. After two innings, Jeremiah is in the 22nd place.
Recall that he had in the first race took the 14th place of this national challenge of cyclo-cross. We will meet him at the end of December for the last round of this challenge where we hope to see our Caladois shine.


  Winter is here and brought the cold with him! The cyclo cross too! Indeed, our Caladois were on the starting lines of three cyclo cross this weekend of which they bring back good results overall.

On Saturday, Sébastien Hoareau, cyclocrossman in his hours, took a satisfactory 4th place in the Cyclo cross of Meyzieu. In cadets, Vincent Jonrond ranked 9th.

On Sunday, it was found alongside other Caladois for the Cyclo cross of Saint Laurent d’Oingt. Despite a deplorable time, the riders fought well with the 2nd place of Jérémie Duperron and the 13th, 15th, 19th places of Thibaut Rodet, Alexis Bonnardot and Fabien Messian. Unfortunately, Sébastien Hoareau could not finish the race by breaking his derailleur. In juniors, Romain Guillot took the 7th place.

On Monday, the cycling and Beaujolais lovers met at the Cyclo cross de Brouilly, the victim of his success with a large number of favorites such as Clément Venturini, Guillaume Perrot, Nans Peters and Julien Pion. Jérémie Duperron thus donned for the occasion his beautiful white jersey Champion Rhone-Alpes hoping to create the feat or at least reach one of the steps of the podium. Nevertheless, suffering from two punctures and despite great efforts, Jeremiah had to be satisfied with the 7th place. It is a disappointed warrior who was found on arrival, but not shot down who already thinks of the second round of the National Challenge next Sunday at our friends Bretons. Go to Jeremiah! Thibaut Rodet, meanwhile, finished 19th. In Juniors, Romain Guillot finished 10th.



  2013 or the year that smiles at Jérémie Duperron! In fact, already Champion Rhône-Alpes, Jeremie continues to make him speak in the press thanks to the victories he accumulates in his master discipline: cyclo cross. Followed by his teammates, the one we now call “Chief of the pack” has left to make another great season.

On this first November, All Saints’ Day, four Caladians were present at the start of the cyclo cross in Belleville. Among them, Sébastien Hoareau, Thibaut Rodet, Quentin Chevalier and also Jérémie Duperron. Our wolves could thus draw their strength in the fervor of the fans of the club, come in numbers. That’s all it took Jerome Duperon and Sébastien Hoareau to succeed a pretty double. First second !

Saturday, it was the turn of Quentin Chevalier to show himself after a year of absence in cyclo cross. Three laps lead, then three with two other riders, followed by a technical problem … The note was salty for the hope that ended nevertheless.11th. “It comes back little by little!” race.

On Sunday, Jérémie Duperron won once more at the Cyclo cross in Montceau-les-Mines. Alexis Bonnardot and Thibaut Rodet finished 9th and 12th respectively. Sébastien Hoareau and Rudy Sautron took the 6th and 20th places of the Firminy Cyclo cross. Congratulations to all !



  Alexis Romeder took part in the Tour de Calédonie last week with the Savexpress club. With no less than eleven stages, this “mini tour” allowed our Reunionnais to finish well the season by finishing in particular 7th of the final general classification.

Results of the various steps :
Step 1: Alexis Romeder 15th
Step 2: Alexis Romeder 6th
Step 5: Alexis Romeder 14th
Step 6: Alexis Romeder 3rd
Step 9: Alexis Romeder 13th
Step 10: Alexis Romeder 16th
Step 11: Alexis Romeder 13th
General Alexis Romeder 7th



  Team 1 in full! Indeed, Anthony Barle has just announced the name of the last recruit for the 2014 season. It is Clément Dornier (22 years) from the Swiss team Maca-Loca Scott. He won the Oyonnax Prize in 2011 and finished 3rd in the Mimosa GP in Mandelieu, 7th in GP Cham Hagendorn and 13th in the first stage (CLM) of the Prix du Saugeais this season. He will therefore make the twelfth man in this team caladoise stronger than ever. Welcome to him!
You can follow Clément Dornier on his official website: .Composition of DN2: Pierre ALMEIDA – Vincent CANARD – Clément CARISEY – Clément DORNIER – Francis GENETIER – Sébastien HOAREAU – Audice JANIN – Benjamin OLIVIER – Alexis ROMDER – Rudy SAUTRON – Frédéric TALPIN – Florent TEGHILLO






  For his discovery of the professional world, Vincent Canard, soon 28 years, did not know the best of the seasons under the colors of the Japanese formation Bridgestone-Anchor. It is without regrets that he is about to return to the amateur ranks, towards the VC Caladois, club where he was still running a little more than a year before joining the Elite. A return to the roots for the one who always says he is motivated and happy to find his former teammates.

“My professional experience at Bridgestone-Anchor will therefore last only one year. I think it could have been different. I had the qualities to do something. Unfortunately, everything has not gone in my direction this season. I do not mean that it’s just the fault of the team. I’m not here to spit on anyone, it would be too easy. In any case, Thomas Lebas and Damien Monier proved that it was possible to succeed in this Japanese adventure. I just think I have not managed to acclimate myself, especially to a very light schedule.


I had to run thirty days on the whole season, which is very little. I am more used to a total of at least 70 days of racing. At the beginning of the season, deep down I knew that the schedule could be problematic, but not at this point. I did not expect that. Last winter, I was even worried about finishing my season at the end of November but finally, I finished it on August 20 on the Grand Prix des Marbriers. At that time, I did not even know that I was in my last professional race. Since then, I have not had a single phone call from the leaders of the team. It’s a funny way to leave Bridgestone-Anchor. Of course, I was hoping better. Yes, there have been moments of galley, but I do not want to dwell on that.


Especially since everything has not been black either. I still had good times. I discovered many new races, and spent two months in Japan. And anyway, what is done is done. I do not regret this season 2013. It was necessary to try the experiment. And then you have to be honest; Last winter if I had not signed in Japan, I will no doubt have stopped my cycling career. I had no other professional team proposal. So how to regret it? I will soon be 28 years old (late November, Ed), and I do not like to stay on failures. That’s why I decided to return to the VC Caladois in 2014, in search of new sensations.


To find the VC Caladois was logical for me. I did not see myself running in another team. I know where I put my feet, which is very important to me. I know I’ll be fine in this team. This year, I continued to follow the results of the VC Caladois. The guys did very well. The level really went up a notch compared to 2012 when I was still at the club. I’m glad to see that most of the guys on the team are going to continue next year. I will find a band of friends and now it may be good for me to get back to their level (smiles).


I do not know how to approach this season 2014. I come a little on tiptoe, not very confident. This is the first time I have not won the season. My last success goes back to the Rhône-Alpes 2012 Championship. It seems to me so far away! Anyway, I intend to continue cycling by always investing 100%, at least in 2014. For the future, we will see. I can very well stop next winter or go on for another six or seven years. All I know at the moment is that I will happily find the VC Caladois, as well as my work as a wine grower, half-time. In the longer term, I intend to take over my father’s vines once he retires in about ten years. So I still have time to put on a bundle of bibs. ”

By Nicolas Mabyle, .

Picture credit: Pauline Baumer


  Throughout the week (from Monday 7 to Sunday 13), Sébastien Hoareau was present on the International Cycling Tour of Reunion with his club of origin of the City of Saint-Denis. It can be said that this stage race smiled with a beautiful 2nd place in the final overall classification.

Here are the results :
Stage 1: Hoareau 11th
Stage 2: Hoareau 7th
Stage 3: Hoareau 4th
Stage 4: ——————–
Step 5: Hoareau Winner
Stage 6: Hoareau 5th
Stage 7: ——————–
General: Hoareau 2nd


  This Saturday was the Gentleman Caladois who gathers each end of the season lovers of the Vélo Club Caladois. In spite of a weather that was cold and rainy, many courageous teams still participated in the race.
In the end, the scratch was won in 0: 18: 40.25 by Pierre Almeida accompanied by Pierre Terrasson, new recruit 2014. From the Union Cycliste Bellevilloise, Pierre Terrasson (18 years) had already shown what he was capable : Winner of the 2nd stage and 2nd of the general of the GP of the 2 towns Bourg de Péage – Junior Romans, 3rd of the Tour du Nivernais Morvan Juniors. This promising youngster evolved into 2nd cat. Under the jersey Caladois. The VCC welcomes him!Other results of the weekend. On Sunday, some riders went to the Cyclo cross of Prissé in Saône-et-Loire. In Juniors, Romain Guillot prevailed: this raises to four his number of victories this year. In the Seniors, Fabien Messian and Thibaut Rodet finished 10th and 13th respectively. That’s not all. Jérémie Duperron, currently Champion Rhône-Alpes, competed in the first round of the Cyclo cross National Challenge in St-Etienne-lés-Remiremont, finishing 14th just behind the favorites Francis Mourey, Steve Chainel and Guillaume Perrot. Good game !


The VC Caladois will stay in DN2

Second in the Coupe de France DN2, the VC Caladois had the possibility of climbing to National Division 1 in 2014. But the club of Villefranche-sur-Saône (Rhône) will not fill a file to go to the top floor.

Team manager Anthony Barle said in a statement: ” The budget proposed by the communities does not allow us to go up to DN1 without endangering the club for years to come.” In 2014, we will focus again on The Cup of France DN2 with the objective of winning it. ”

The third of the French Cup DN2, Team Pro Immo Nicolas Roux, could benefit. The club from Auvergne had contacted the French Cycling Federation to express their interest in the DN1.

Nicolas Gachet,



4 years of existence for the site of the VCC and the ceiling of the 200 000 visitors sprayed thanks to the numerous supporters that the Vélo Club Caladois holds throughout France.
To all of you, dear supporters, we extend our sincere thanks.



  For his future great return within the Caladoise structure, Vincent Canard agrees to answer our questions.

Site : So Vince, tell us a little your season among the pros and Bridgestone Anchor among others.

Vincent Canard : ” My season started fairly late because my first races took place a month after my first stage in Japan in January, and then everything went well until May with a correct racing program. May have occasional small peaks, but without making real feats. As of May, the race program has been more and more disjointed and in these conditions I have not managed to find a A form worthy of the name. ”

Site : What comes out in the end?

VC : “In the end, even if I feel that I have never been able to give the best of myself, I have no regrets. Last year I almost hung up the bike at the end of the season, and finally going to pro at Bridgestone Anchor will have allowed me to raise for at least two seasons. 

Site : We have heard the good news recently that the rejoicing in addition to in Calades: your homecoming, the VCC What motivated you to come back.?

VC :”Several things motivated me to come back. Already the most important is the urge to run. When you’re a runner, you’ve got it in your skin. I spent a lot of time this year where I was frustrated not to run a lot, so I got my revenge on that side. And then the VCC is full of stories of friendship with many people of the club that it is on the side of the leaders, runners, sponsors … It is simple: for me it was the VCC or nothing Other. 

Site : The other teams should they fear the Duck duo / Talpin 2014?

VC :” Maybe … But I think above all the other teams should fear the entire VCC, as we saw this year it ‘ Is the collective that is strong.

: What are your future goals with DN?

VC : ” My goals are not yet defined, even if I have a few races in mind where I already have my benchmarks and I know the value of the success. After my objectives will necessarily have to match those of the VCC, ‘Have not too many doubts there. ‘

Site : Have you followed the results of the club this year? What do you think ?

VC : ” Yeah, like all of you, I shuddered at to follow what my former teammates were doing, I was very happy for them, I admit that at times I would have liked to be with them on cycling. they got what they deserved. ”

Website: We are seeing a rather dazzling progression in team 1. How can you explain? What are the factors?

VC : ” Anthony’s work pays off, and for many years he has managed to surround himself with very capable people in what they do, not only the runners, but also the volunteers who supervise the team. It gets everyone up. ”

Site : See you 28 years old, do you plan to continue the bike for a long time?

VC : ” I really do not know in a few years, I see myself back in the wine environment, but as long as I’m enjoying on the bike I will continue.. ”

Website: Back to cycling in general. How would you define it?

VC : ” I think it’s pretty damaging all the amalgamations we do on high level cycling.” Scandalous journalists take a mirthful pleasure in taking the information, turning it over as it suits them and creating a scandal. Say not that there are only kids at heart in the bike anyway a majority to healthy values, an ethic and love of his sport. ”

Site : A final word for the cyclists of tomorrow?

VC : “Enjoy yourself The road to a professional career is long and difficult The only way to do that is a passion for cycling!..  ”




  The final race weekend of the season will have been dantesque for our Caladians who are full of results with four more victories. Who says better ?

On Saturday, it was Jérémie Duperron who won the Cyclo cross of St Rambert d’Albon. The Champion Rhône-Alpes, decidedly in form, reissued his feat the next day at the Cyclo cross of Echirolles. It promises !
Thibaut Rodet, meanwhile, finished 15th of the Cyclo cross of Cormoz.

Reaction of Jérémie Duperron: “I’m very happy. The season is getting stronger for me. I hope to do even better than last year, although I know nothing is gained in the bike. I especially want to take pleasure and remain humble whatever happens. Place in the first round of the national Challenge next Sunday in St Etienne les Remiremont. “On

Sunday, it was the turn of the youngsters to show what they were capable of, thanks to a good team and a good team spirit, Lucas Laubal signed his first bouquet of the season, his teammates Joris Ducroux and Edouard Bonnefoix finished 15th and 17th respectively, while Anthony Vaudant, Corentin Muguet and François Lassausaie also took the 12th, 15th and 20th places respectively.
Frédéric Talpin, ill these days, won a time near Le Creusot. It takes more to the leader to be discouraged.


A great news to announce today … The official period of mutations just opened the VCC already registers its 1st rookie! Vincent Canard will return in 2014 after a year among professionals and will join the pack of wolves of the VCC


The wolves did the job.

Shortly after mid-race this Sunday on the Autumn Grand Prix of La Rochefoucauld, the VC Caladois managed a coup de force by placing five riders in a breakaway. Where the leader of the French Cup DN1, the USSA Pavilly Barentin had only one. But the VCC, who were 200 points late on Sunday morning, failed to reverse the trend. 2nd in the Coupe de France DN2, the VC Caladois can now go up in DN1. If he has the opportunity.

On arrival, the sports director Anthony Barle delivered his first reaction.
We miss a walk to climb sport. It will be complicated to join the DN1. We do not have the support of communities. It takes a lot of money. If we have it, we will go up. Otherwise, we will not put the club in jeopardy, we will not take any risk. It will have to be reasonable. “

Order top 20 :

1 Mickaël OLEJNIK USSA PAVILLY BARENTIN 170 km 4h11’56 ” (avg 40.487 km / h.)
3 Maxime MAYENCON Hyérois VS ”
4 * Henrik KRUGER TEAM Martigues SC-VIVELO ”
6 Sébastien HOAREAU VC Caladois ”
8 Frédéric TALPIN VC Caladois 17’
11 * Alliaume LEBLOND CM AUBERVILLIERS 93-BIGMAT to 01’59 ”
18 VC Alexis ROMEDER Caladois at 02’35 ”
19 Pierre CAZAUX GSC Blagnac at 02’42 ”
20 VC Benjamin PASCUAL TOUCY ” final Standings Coupe de France DN2 : 1 USSA PAVILLY BARENTIN 672 pts 2 VC Caladois 520 3 TEAM PRO IMMO NICOLAS ROUX 402 4 CM-BIGMAT AUBERVILLIERS 93 385 5 CLUB Champagne CHARLOTT ‘330 6 BOURG-EN-BRESSE AIN CYCLISME 287 7 VC PAYS DE LOUDEAC 263


16 VC TOUCY 140

Sunday on the second front, the team was moving in Saône et Loire to the difficult price Mancey. Blaise Sonnery finished in 5th place and Aymeric Brunet in 14th. Note the place of first junior of Romain Guillot.
In the cadets, Joris Ducroux finishes the season in a tornado. After his victory last week, he ranks 2nd in Chatillon en Bazois.


  And three! Since that weekend, the club has won three more victories, including two from the surprising Frédéric Talpin and one from the young Joris Ducroux, who now has three successes to his credit. How the Cub walked in the footsteps of the Caladois Wolves and one in particular.

On Saturday, the Rhône-Alpes Time Trial Championships were held in Saint-Vulbas in the Ain. It was therefore expected that some Caladian runners confimed in the discipline would show the jersey for one of the last times of the season. That’s what they did, as Frédéric Talpin and Blaise Sonnery ranked 3rd and 8th respectively. Frédéric Talpin even winning the title in master. Nevertheless, the young people also made presence in the person of Romain Guillot 9th for the occasion. Congratulations to all three of them!

Sunday, this new edition of the GP of Faucigny took place in the Savoyard rain. Nearly a hundred riders were present for this difficult event which included no less than four passes in 110 km. The Caladians did not miss the first offensives, and in the course of the km the peloton was dwindling more and more. It was not until the last climb, Mont Saxonnex, to see Talpin fly alone towards the victory and finish with almost a minute ahead of his first pursuer, François Bidard (CR4C). Francis Genetier, also in leg, finished in a beautiful 12th place and the runners Caladois ranked 2nd in the team classification.
The young section radiated through our younger brother, Joris Ducroux, who won the Prix de Chauffailles in the Burgundy region. His team-mate, Clément Violay, finished 12th. But that was not all, the minimal Corentin Muguet and Anthony Vaudant finished 14th and 15th.


  Another victory for Romain Guillot this weekend on the Biziat Prize in 3rd category. It thus offers its 3rd bouquet of the saion and the 30th victory all categories combined for the club Caladois. Once again, it is worth noting the great collective performance of the VCC riders as Sébastien Giry ranks 5th, Fabien Messian 7th and Quentin Chevalier 17th.

From Thursday to Sunday the elite team participated in the 4 days of the Ace in Provence. On the 1st stage Seb Hoareau took the good break, finished 3rd and won the green jersey of the sprints. Benjamin Olivier finished 20th. On the second stage Seb Hoareau and Benjamin Olivier finished 9th and 10th. On the third stage Seb slips into the 1st breakaway and will make all the race in the lead to finish 4th and especially take the yellow jersey of leader of the test. In the 4th and final stage, the Caladians take their responsibilities to try to control the race and roll grouped at the head of the pack. They will give everything but will unfortunately crack in the final following the many attacks of their opponents. Seb Hoareau finds himself lonely and can not contain all the offensives, He will have to let fly the leader’s jersey. The Caladians finish disappointed but have nevertheless carried out a superb race over these 4 days.

Other results :

  • Anthony Bisceglia took 5th place in the Critérium d’Issoire and won the ranking of combativity.
  • Aymeric Brunet moved to La Charité sur Loire where he also finished 5th.
  • Ruddy Sautron made a fine performance by finishing on the 3rd step of the podium of the Prix de Charlieu in the 1st category. Florent Teghillo finished 6th, Aymeric Brunet 13th. And Jérémie Duperron 20th.
  • In Bourg de Thizy, the young section is all ready for victory, in fact the cadets climb on the podium with the 2nd place of Joris Ducroux and the 3rd of Lucas Laubal, to note the place of Etienne Moncel 6th, Edouard Bonnefoix 9th And Clement Violay 10th.
  • Minimally, Anthony Vaudant takes 8th place and Charlotte Laubal the 12th.
  • Aymeric Brunet finished 10th last week in Chateaumeillant and won the classification of the best climber.




  The victories are raining in these last race weekends. The proof with Florent Teghillo and Romain Guillot both win this Sunday. When is the thirtieth?

We can say that this Sunday will have smiled to our Caladians who bring two extra earnings to the club. Florent Teghillo, in top form, won the GP of the city of Annecy without teammates present at the race. This is already his fourth bunch of the season. Frédéric Talpin has competition! The same day, Romain Guillot imposed himself in Chanoz-Châtenay before another Calais, Fabien Messian. Two birds with one stone ! Thomas Monnery finished at the foot of the podium with a 4th place finish.

However, other more than satisfactory results are to be noted. Indeed, Benjamin Olivier and Francis Genetier finished 2nd and 3rd in the Coligny GP behind Thomas Welter (CR4C Roanne) on Saturday. The day before, Aymeric Brunet and Anthony Bisceglia took the 5th and 9th places respectively of the Prix de Chantenay St Imbert.


  Our Caladois are still in shape and do not weaken at the end of the season. Many results are still to be congratulated this weekend whose third wins already for Florent Teghillo called more commonly “the beautiful paste”.

Saturday, Florent Teghillo tripled by offering his third bouquet 2013 in Louhans. History of finishing the holidays before starting a new school year with its new students. Well played Prof!
Photo Jean-Noël Charvet )
Meanwhile, most of Team 1 responded to the GP of Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise. The wolves Brunet, Talpin, Hoareau, Romeder, Sonnery, Genetier, Olivier and Bisceglia finished 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 19th respectively. A festival can be said even if the victory would have been deserved.
Clément Carisey finished 16th at Autrans.

Ranking St-Symphorien :
1 GIRARD Thomas CR4C Roanne 1 the 137.7 km 3h17’02 ”
2 BONNET Pierre CC Etupes Doubs 1
3 MAINARD Jerome CR4C Roanne 1 14 ”
4 CAUQUIL Yohan Charvieu Chavagneux IC 1 25 ”
5 BRUNET Aymeric VC Caladois 1 25 ”
6 TALPIN Frédéric VC Caladois 1 48 ”

8 JAMET Alexandre VS Chartrain 1 48 ”
9 ROMEDER Alexis VC Caladois 1 02’24 ”
WELTER Thomas CR4C Roanne 1 02’24 ”
11 SONNERY Blaise VC Caladois 1 02’50 ”
12 BONNEFOY Adrien EC St Etienne – Loire 1 03’04 ”
13 MICHAUD Yoann Bourg En Bresse Ain Cycling 1 03’04 ”
14 CROUSAZ Adrien Bourg En Bresse Ain Cycling 1 Esp 03’04 ”
15 GENETIER Francis VC Caladois 1 Esp 03’04 ”
16 OLIVIER Benjamin VC Caladois 1 03’04 ”

17 GUILLAUMOT Quentin Pedale Semuroise 1 Esp 03’04 ”
18 MAYENCON Maxime vs Hyerois 1 03’28 ”
19 BISCEGLIA Anthony VC Caladois 1 Esp 04’20 ”
20 DOMANICO Baptiste SCO Dijon & 06’29 ”

On Sunday, results flocked in any category. Indeed, Romain Guillot and Thomas Monnery took the 12th and 14th places in Saint Bonnet le Courreau while Fabien Messian ranked 20th in Chavannes sur Reyssouze.
The cadets performed a superb collective performance with Léo Pelisse 2nd, Joris Ducroux 4th, Lucas Laubal 9th, Edouard Bonnefoix 12th and Charles Emmanuel Cannard 17th.
Finally, Anthony Vaudant won the 13th place in Montmeyran as well as his teammate, Corentin Muguet, 19th place in Landerneau in Brittany. Full cardboard for the Caladois!


    There were fighting Wolves this weekend on the various races in which they participated. Indeed, they finish in the top 10 on numerous occasions and also register two additional victories in the club’s charts.

The first winner is our junior, Romain Guillot, who won Friday night the prize of the Pic de Montverdun, event open to the 3 rd class riders. A great victory for the vice-champion of France 2012 especially since this is his first of the season.

It was a determined Caladoise team that took the start of the Saint Amour (Jura) prize on Sunday. Nearly 110 riders were at the start of the 120Km race. From the first round the Caladois were offensive and we even found our junior Romain Guillot in the first break of the day. A solid solidarity in the team allowed the Caladians to find each time in a position of strength in the breakaway. Finally at the end of this race of movements, it is a small squad of fifty men who were going to dispute the arrival to the sprint. Hoareau produced his effort in the last 50 meters of this difficult arrival to impose a short gut. Olivier was also on the 3rd step of the podium. Bisceglia, Genetier and Teghillo completed the domination of the Caladians by taking the 6th, 9th and 15th places (1st by teams). Talpin also won the sprint classification. Great congratulations to the whole team!

Other results. Anthony Laubal is in good shape at the end of August and he proves it by bringing back a 5th place in the Prix de Bruailles last Thursday and then a 3rd place in the Prix de Saignon on Sunday. Finally, Frédéric Talpin finished 4th of the Prix de Villapourçon on Monday.


  On this public holiday, there were a good number of Caladians from the Cormoz GP where they did not go unnoticed with a beautiful second place by Sébastien Hoareau followed by Florent Teghillo’s 4th, 14th, 15th and 20th places, Alexis Romeder , Rudy Sautron, Blaise Sonnery.

Classification :
1 GABORIAUD Guillaume CLUB CHAMPAGNE CHARLOTT ‘The 126 km in 2h55’46,107 (average 44,445 km / h)
2 HOAREAU Sébastien VC CALADOIS 00:00
8 Ruffinengo Bastien TEAM VULCO-VC Vaulx-IN-BOND 0:24
11 CARRET Nicolas stroke AIX-EN-PROVENCE 0:24
12 BOSSIS Tom CR4C Roanne 0:24
13 Trautmanis Martins TEAM Probikeshop SAINT-ETIENNE Loire 0:24
14 ROMEDER Alexis VC Caladois 0:25
15 SAUTRON Ruddy VC Caladois 0:25
20 SONNERY Blaise VC Caladois 0:26

In cycling pass, Jonathan Lhuisset finished on the 3rd step of the podium.

Also note the 7th and 10th places of Anthony Bisceglia and Aymeric Brunet on the Critérium of the Machine this Friday.


  These last days have been more than eventful for Caladians present on all fronts. Indeed, the program of the month of August is loaded for the runners in the colors white, black and red.

Since last Friday, the Cubs had the chance to compete in the Tour de l’Ain Cadets among 24 other French and foreign teams. On five stages, Cadets Edouard Bonnefoix, Lucas Laubal, Leo Pelisse, Joris Ducroux and Etienne Moncel were able to show what they were capable on a bicycle. A great opportunity that they did not fail to seize by placing 9th in teams to the general. Congratulations!

Summary of the Tour by Edouard Bonnefoix :
◘ Prologue (Trevoux)
Fall of 2 teammates. We finish at 3 as we can with a 13th place / 25 teams. Pretty good.
◘ Stage 1 (Lent-Bourg)
Hyper nervous stage with several falls that the team avoided. Arrival of 4 riders then massive sprint. The team finishes in the peloton with an 18th place / 25 overall at the end of the stage.
◘ Stage 2 (Hautecourt-Oyonnax) with the Col du Berthiand
Difficult step with a pass (6.6km to 10%), skimming from the back. Arrival of a group of 7, then mine in the sprint to 17 riders. In the classification of the stage, the team is 4th and goes up 10th / 25 to the general. Great Stage!
◘ Stage 3 (Champfromier-Lelex) with the Col de Menthières
New difficult stage with a pass (9km to 6%). The stage is marked by a big fall that delays the whole team. 4 riders of the team return. In the pass, a group of 12 stands with a club rider; Behind a little fifteen runners, where I figure, arrives at the sprint. The team is again 4th of the stage and wins 1 place in the general, 9th / 25. Good stage.
◘ Stage 4 (Anglefort-Belley) This
last stage is rather hilly. A group of 12 arrives for the victory, behind 20 runners including 3 of the club compete for the sprint. The team is 8th of the stage and finishes 9th / 25th overall. Well overall.

Reactions of Edouard :  “A very nice experience that I would like to be able to dispute next year with so much public and beautiful moments. Thank you to all the staff of the club and to the whole team. Next year for the Tour de l’Ain! I hope. 

On Thursday, a beautiful squad of 90 riders rushed under the raindrops to Coulanges for the 140 km. Of the Prix du Val de Loire. From the very first hectometers there were offensive Caladians with Teghillo and Olivier in the first escape. Soon Sonnery, then Genetier and Janin managed to get back on the race head after the peloton exploded because of the crosswind. At 20km from the goal 4 runners managed to get out of the lead group. Benjamin Olivier was among them but will not be able to win the victory, he ranks 4th. The Caladois who made a very good team race also place Genetier 9th, Sonnery 10th and Teghillo 13th in the Top 20.

Friday night, the Caladians were 6 at the start of the Nocturne of Montrevel-en-Bresse and once again did everything to dynamite the race. In the end, 25 riders competed for the sprint, Hoareau ranked 2nd last the old Calais Sebastien Jullien now licensed in Bourg-en-Bresse. Romeder, Genetier and Olivier also finished 14th, 15th and 17th.

Another result, Clément Carisey participated in the track event “the Lords of the ring” on the velodrome of Hyères. Associated for the occasion with Raphael Verini of Velo Sport Hyerois, they won the event. Congratulations to the riders!

This Tuesday, Romain Guillot took the 12th place of the Nocturne of Saint Romain de Puy.



  Aymeric Brunet won the Monday afternoon the Critérium de Briennon in front of Mainard (CR4C). Florent Teghillo took 3rd place, Clément Carisey 4th, Alexis Romeder 7th, Francis Genetier 13th and Benjamin Olivier 14th. The wolves have still well chased the win.

Other results of the weekend. On Saturday, the VCC organized the Grand Prix de Fleurie. At the start of the race, Clément Carisey did a great job slipping into a breakaway. A group of cons then formed with several riders of the VCC and returned on the head at the half-race. The Caladians were offensive but could not win. Seb Hoareau ranked 5th, Fred Talpin 8th, Blaise Sonnery 9th, Alexis Romeder 10th, Aymeric Brunet 16th and Wilfreid Pereira 18th by being 2nd best category.
On Sunday, Fred Talpin aligned himself with the Prix de Longes, of which he returned a 10th place followed by an 11th place on Monday at Montchanin.
The second category went to ST Trivier de Courtes, where Rudy Sautron was close to victory by finishing 2nd in the race while Fabien Messian finished 17th.
Tuesday night, at the nocturnal of Aix-les-Bains, Seb Hoareau finished at a pretty 5th place.


  Thursday, a good part of the Caladois went to Saône-et-Loire to the GP de Chardonnay won last year by Jérôme Ménard (CR4C). Despite a stifling heat, the two leaders of the VCC showed themselves to their advantage on this undulating circuit difficult to negotiate. Indeed, Frédéric Talpin and Blaise Sonnery quickly found themselves in the escape of the day tempting from time to time of the attacks. Finally, the breakaway dislocated, Fred managed to still climb on the third step of the podium. Blaise Sonnery and Aymeric Brunet finished, respectively, 9th and 17th respectively. This seems a good omen for Fleurie. 4 Jérémy Maison (VC Toucy) 3 Frédéric Talpin (VC Caladois) 4 Jérémy House (VC Toucy)

Ranking of the Top 5 :

1 Adam Yates (CC Etupes)
2 Quentin Bernier (SCO Dijon )

5 Pierre Drancourt (ESEG Douai)


  The DN was divided on two distinct fronts during the long weekend of the end of July: a part contesting the Tour d’Auvergne and its five stages, the other starting the classical GP of Cours-la-Ville. Despite the difficulties that these two races entailed, the balance is positive on arrival for our Caladois.

We start with the Tour d’Auvergne where we found six of our Elites determined to show the shirt especially for Benjamin Olivier, native of the region and in great shape.

Results of the various stages :
And 2: Alexis ROMEDER 8th / Benjamin OLIVIER 14th
& 3: Benjamin OLIVIER 7th
& 4: Benjamin OLIVIER 15th
& 5: Alexis ROMEDER 8th / Benjamin OLIVIER 12th / Francis GENETIER 17th
General: Benjamin OLIVIER 8th

The rest of the team, when-to-him, lacked a little success at Cours-la-Ville in front of supporters come numerous to encourage them. Frédéric Talpin “saved the honor” with a 15th place overall.
Photos to come. 

But team 1 was not the only one to run this weekend. Anthony Laubal’s 13th place at the Saint-Vallier GP and Fabien Messian’s 8th place at the Arvan Villard cyclosportive with the climbs of the Télégraphe and Galibier passes in 1h50.


  The Caladians have once again shown themselves very enterprising this weekend, which has done them rather well. Whether large or small, they bring back a victory and many places of honor.

On Friday, Clément Carisey took a pleasant 5th place at the Nocturne de Moutiers. This result announced the rain of results to follow.

On Sunday, the VCC cadets wanted to imitate their elders and made a fine collective demonstration at the Belleville Youth Award. Edouard Bonnefoix, very much in the lead, took the lead and led the race for nearly 45 km. Once taken less than 10 km from the finish, Joris Ducroux came out of the peloton and went for the solo victory. In the peloton all his teammates Caladois mobilized to counter the offensives of their opponents and thus prevent the return on Joris.
Lucas Laubal ranks 7th, Edouard Bonnefoix 10th and Charles Emmanuel Cannard 17th. It is a collective victory for this group of friends who already shows a good maturity tactics in the race.

At home, the Caladians were keen to get the victory that has escaped them for several years on the Grand Prix of the Canton of Gleizé … From the start of the race the Caladians chose to be offensive in order to find themselves supernumerous in the lead race. After forty kilometers, there were 11 riders in the front with Sonnery, Genetier, Romeder and Olivier on the Caladois side. A man was going to “pull the chestnuts out of the fire” under a stifling heat, it is the Champion of Auvergne Sébastien Fournet Fayard who at 60 km of the arrival went out alone. The Caladois were trying to narrow the gap, but Fournet Fayard was obviously on a great day and managed to keep his 10 former escapees away! In the final the group of pursuers exploded, Olivier, Romeder and Sonnery were 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively. Hoareau from the back finished 9th and Genetier 15th. Romain Guillot also finished the race and placed 1st Juniors. The VCC also won the team standings.

Order :
1 51 0463048017 FOURNET FAYARD Sébastien VCCA Team Pro Homes N. Roux Auv 1 2h 59 ’44 ”
February 31 1554002037 MARCHAL Nicolas ASPTT Nancy Lor 1-1′ 34″
March 11 2469034160 OLIVIER Benjamin VC Caladois Rha 1-1 ’42 ”
4 12 3297027188 ROMEDER Alexis VC Caladois Rha 1-2 ’05 ”
May 14 2469034038 SONNERY Blaise VC Caladois Rha 1 mt

June 37 2442005475 LIPONNE Julien EC St Etienne Loire Rha 1-2′ 53″
July 16 0521085311 BERNARD Julien SCO Dijon Bou 1 Esp 3 to 5 ’17 ”
August 56 2474006044 Maertens Clement TCN Rha 1 Esp 3 to 6′ 53″
9 8 3297004016 HOAREAU Sébastien VC Caladois Rha 1-8 ’48 “
October 55 2474006042 CHARDON Nicolas TCN Rha 1-9′ 19″
11 66 1139096235 COULOT Wilfrid Jura Cycling Country Revermont Frc 1-9 ’33 ”
December 30 1554002014 DEMESY Thomas ASPTT Nancy Lor 1 Esp 1-9′ 48″
13 43 0521073013 GUILLAUMOT Quentin Pedal Semuroise Bou 1 Esp 3-10 ’02 ”
14 40 1139096025 Labous Quentin Jura Cycling Country Revermont Frc 1 Esp 2 to 10 ’16 ”
June 15 2469034237 GENETIER Francis VC Caladois Rha 1 Esp 3 to 10′ 21″
16 59 1125018062 NEEMELA Kristian VCC Morteau Montebenoit Frc 2 Esp 2 to 10 ’25 ”
17 27 2438295080 WAGON Eric Grenoble GMC 38 Rha 1 Esp 4 to 10 ’37 ”
18 44 1291309052 JUDAS Guillaume Team Bonnat Idf 91 2 to 11′ 08″
19 33 2442015384 SOARES Anthony CR4C Roanne Rha 1 to 11 ’15 ”
20 64 2401005037 GRIMSEY Stuart Bourg en Bresse AC Rha 1 to 11 ’22 ”


 For his second year at the VC Caladois, Frédéric Talpin achieved the most accomplished season of his career at the age of 32 with six victories at the moment, including a Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour stage and the general rankings of Circuit of Saône-et-Loire and Tour of the Roanne country. He returns for on his performances and his season. And, for our section La Grande Interview, confides his desire to join the professional pack next year.

DirectVélo: What have you done since the Tour de Cote d’Or that you finished at the foot of the podium on July 4th?
Frédéric Talpin: I am currently studying in the Alps in Risoul. The first week I was in Montgenèvre and I spent the first three days at rest. It was not until after I seriously investigated by climbing several passes. I stay in Risoul until Saturday before resuming the competition this Sunday at the Grand Prix of the Canton of Gleizé.

For now, what is your assessment of your 2013 season?
I really do a year above my expectations. To put it mildly, I am cumulating 2011 and 2012 on this year and even better! As I have already won several times, I run without pressure, I try things and it smiles me like during the 1st stage of the Tour of Gold Coast where I attacked in the final.

How do you explain such a series of successes?
First, I have more success than last year. I always had punctures at the wrong time and I missed the good shots. Second, the team is more trained. It has not changed since 2012. We know each other well, which allows me to rest on them at the beginning of the race and therefore to keep valuable forces for the end. Third, Anthony Barle, my sporting director, knows me well. He managed my schedule well and my periods of micro-breaks, which allowed me to be fit on the races where I was present.

When did you get fit?
At the beginning of March, I caught the flu. I stayed “taped” for 15 days. I then gradually returned. I started to recover the condition from the Tour du Charolais and to really walk at the Grand Prix Serra-Delorme, a week before the Circuit of Saône-et-Loire. In fact, my two goals for the start of the season were two races.


And you impose yourself at the Circuit of Saone-et-Loire …
I truly reached my Grail with this race. It is a fantastic memory with my team who rode all day on the last leg, while there was tension with opponents who were close to the overall standings. What’s more, I live in Le Creusot and the race is organized by Le Creusot Cyclisme where I raced from 2006 to 2011 before the club disappeared when we were Champions de France DN2. It is a very special feeling for me.

Then you win a second stage success at the Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour …
Meanwhile, I won the Tour du Chablais and I finished 6th in the Tour du Périgord while my team mate Blaise Sonnery won. The RAIT was a big objective for the club as well as the Tour du Beaujolais that I finished 3rd and where Blaise again imposed. I kinda fired the elevator. Finally, I played the Cup of France Cup DN2 in Alsace with apocalyptic conditions and where I ranked 11th, before cutting.

The shape did not fly away after this cut …
Indeed, I resumed during the Championship Rhône-Alpes where I was not so bad. Xavier Brun (Team Probikeshop Saint-Etienne Loire) and Yohan Cauquil (Charvieu-Chavagneux IC) were really on top of the podium, but there’s nothing to say. A week later, I won the Grand Prix de Gamaches. Then came the Tour Nivernais-Morvan where I found the lack of success of 2012. Indeed, I missed the good shots, I had punctures … Nevertheless, I have accumulated a lot of effort and It was a good run of preparation for the sequel. Afterwards, I made a big training base before the Tour of the Roanne country. And on the last Tour of Côte d’Or, the form was still there since I hooked the 1st stage, although I did not win the overall standings.

If you had to choose between your two stage victories at the Rhône-Alpes Isère Tour and your sacres to the general rankings of the Circuit de Saône-et-Loire and the Tour du Pays roannais, which would you keep?
Undoubtedly, my victory at the Circuit of Saône-et-Loire. I even place it above the two stage victories at the Rhône-Alpes Isere Tour. Indeed, my teammates sacrificed for me for the general classification of this race in stages. These are moments of sharing with the team you do not find when you win a single stage.


With such a season, do you plan to go professional?
Until recently, I did not really want to go professional. After my stage win in the Tour of Gold Coast, Anthony Barle, my director, called me and proposed again to solicit professional teams. This time, I replied: “Go ahead, I leave you carte blanche!” Since then, he has contacted several trainings and distributed my CV.

Would you consider it a failure not to move to the next level next year?
Not at all, it is not an end in itself for me. I have an established professional background and I am not ready to leave my position as a design office. That’s why I’ll see myself running in a rather French team.

Yes, I like the bike and I will not stop right away. I started running in FFC at 23 years old in my 4th year Hope. I have done many half-seasons because of many business trips and a few injuries. It is only in 4-5 years that I have a stable situation and that I complete seasons. Every year I’m a little bit stronger than the year before. Today, I feel I have the level to run in the pros.

What is the continuation of your program after the Grand Prix of the Canton of Gleizé?
I will then be at Cours-la-Ville, GP de Chardonnay, GP du Cru Fleurie, Critériums de Montchanin, Saint-Sernin-du-Bois and Le Creusot before taking part in the next round of the Coupe de France DN2 at the GP Christian Fenioux.

Do you think you can repeat your performance of the Grand Prix de Gamaches?
Certainly, this is not a course that will match me. However, I still manage on the flat races. The proof, I managed to win the Grand Prix de Gamaches! With the VC Caladois, we are currently 2nd in the Coupe de France DN2. The goal for the team is first to stay on the podium before eventually aiming for the highest step.


  Still good results this weekend for the Caladians present on various fronts, and especially nocturnes. You have to enjoy the good weather and the summer season!

Friday was therefore the day of the Nocturnes: three of them were in the sight of our wolves.

Semi-nocturne of Mâcon 
Summary: On Friday evening, part of the Beaujolais team presented at the semi-nocturne of Mâcon. An escape of 15 runners will have animated much of the race with Florent Teghillo, Audric Janin and Benjamin Olivier for the team. Resumed a few kilometers from the finish, the Caladians were again trying offensives, but the peloton was not determined to let them out. Finally well led by his teammates Sébastien Hoareau managed to rank 3rd in the sprint.

Nocturne of Albertville
Clément Carisey 4th

Nocturne of Toulon
Bruno Sauvaget 9th (cycling pass) On

Sunday, the DN was at the start of the annual Grand Prix of Charvieu-Chavagneux.
summary: On Sunday under a sun of lead, the DN2 team had an appointment at the traditional Charvieu-Chavagneux prize for July 14th. More than 160 runners had signed the sign-up sheet. It was necessary to wait until the half race to see the race decant. The Caladois managed to keep their rank, finding themselves at 3 in the right group. A runner went out 1Km from the line and surprised everyone to carry the victory. A few meters Hoareau and Olivier ranked 3rd and 7th. Our Reunion Island had two podiums in one weekend.

His companion, Rudy Sautron, won on the 3rd stage of the Star of the Indian Ocean disputed in Reunion itself. He finished 3rd overall. The Reunionese were indeed in the place!

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Where Can I Buy Nexgard Online Without Problems in Rockville, MD
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How Do I Know if Cheap Comfortis for Dog is Working in Biloxi, MS
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it’s okay for your
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vitamins may
a bath once per
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your personal dog.
whenever it
him to get it done
One per year you
pet stores and
Where can be your
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While a pet dog
Some vitamins will
each day, Crate
Talk with a vet in
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bones, and veins.
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levels and
him a pal in the
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Prior to deciding
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vet at lease. If your
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around to view
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comfortis in cats
This can spell
scold them. Should
for dogs and which
alone for too long
ivermectina y comfortis
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getting a long
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requires cleaning just like you!
health. Your puppy
these habits
carefully by energy
on the simplest
avoided. Be
home from
effort to give your
Be mindful about
drowning fleas on dogs
these signals. Try
prevent them from
your bed as it is
You may be
radio on. You
supplement if he is
mindful when
or toys to chew on
talk, it’s difficult to
puppy may
very loving.
behavior than
they should not
allow him to in to
responsible for
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fleas on dogs medicine
vitamin regimen,
article has mentioned what
Have them bones
sometimes your
not be beneficial
people work and
usually have to go
walk, both your
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illness or hurt.
on the vet more
bits, although your
regards to what
dog ate 2 comfortis pills
take corrective
foods are fantastic
do, you have to
Avoid leaving your
learn what is right
you’ve read today.
Your puppy may
can get a number
comfortis dosage dogs
comfortis walmart pharmacy
You need to set
of other dogs.
dog outside your
dog doesn’t feel
indications of
must be okay to
furnishings. You
made simply for
whether throwing
leash even when
when your dog
doesn’t want a
comfortis vs
comfortis brown
Expect to allow
your home clean.
puppy might feelgreat when you
and energetic. This
Each time a puppydoes something
happy, dogs needphysical activity
suit your needs.
each night if you
the house.
impression that it
comfortis yorkie
Go ahead and take
dog sleep? Never
Training Your Pet
comfortis orange for cats
become a
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feed your puppy.
definately will
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know. Before they
pick things easier
properly take care
for your dog’s
prevent future
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dog may look
nan l comfortis
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large box stores.
There are lots of
love and are often
enable the dog in
chews a lot. These
starts showing
periods, lots of
to your rules.
personal pup to
and you dog will
he seems very
to work with a
calm. You are the
have a vitamin
valuable insights
healthy along with
needs to be
of these toys at
If nobody is
Studying a dog’s
fleas on pet mouse
healthy and
as joyous as
treating fleas on dogs with vinegar
dog to find out the
comfortis isn’t working
comfortis heartworm and flea prevention
comfortis chewy
get to sleep on
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Ensure that your
the sort of food for
pet dog praise 5
fleas on pet rabbit
your dog doesn’t
fleas on dogs get rid of
trustworthy and
crate for it’s bed.
breaking and
below fortunate
talk with the vet.
Well Tested
training your dog
than adults. You
into your life. You
must not need to
fleas on dogs what do they look like
straight away.
the bed if you wish
make certain you
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keeps them happy
fleas i dogs
dogs and

How Much Is Dog Flea Medicine

Revolution Flea Treatment Side Effects In Anaheim,CA
spayed or
pet dog.
6 pack revolution for dogs
Success Are
with a lot of
more reliable
absorb this
definately will
pet is just not
or spayed stick
You certainly
The Guidelines
revolution for dogs how long does it last
and levels so
closer to
smell from
Better Dog
When they
When you
ensure it’s
over this
not need a
regularly. You
perfect for
doing just
behave as you
many lower
around. They
When the
can save cash
revolution for dogs singapore
vitamins can
perfectly safe.Make certain
puppy. As long
as you employ
there, your pet
ought to be
Make wise
number of
with a leash.
your pet’s
train your dogdifferently can
needs to be a
house plants
such messes.
deep, have a
too long, your
and veins.
Your dog may
status can be
home, make
levels. These
safety and
pet towards
have a dog or
same area
how its nose
the vet
have some
Prior to try to
in case your
are generally
revolution for dogs 10.1-20kg red 6 pack
main priority.Since looking
health. Your
teach the dog
want a home
inclined to soilwithin the
barking. Your
piece, do you
dog, it needs
case the cut
which should
useful to you,
of your own
dog’s heath by
which he is not
indoor dogs. If
extended life
desire these
also become
revolution for nursing dogs
your property
for good
and appetite,
start curling
possibility of
are dogs.
may feel
over and over.
your vet in
revolution for dogs for sale
acquire poor
dog will not
that he will
amount of
cold for a lot
Make time to
revolution for dogs side effects
deciding what
pets must be
does revolution for dogs kill tapeworms
course of
that happen to
even the most
if your dogneeds
bandaged. In
leftovers, but
types of foods
to learn this
been neutered
dog could be
dog’s nails
whenever you
for looking to
medicine is
make an effort
dog seems sad
pet dog may
habits such as
stepping on
revolution for dogs tapeworm
pain should
shelters who
dog’s reach.
cut on the
dogs to obtain
bringing him
supply you
which have
behavior he is
obtain one, is
attempting to
indicator of his
pet might run
them getting
not mean
examine the
what you
is dog-proof.It
action for the
dog’s nose can
advisable, this
revolution for dogs target
problems your
your pet dog
pets growing
and take your
Engage with
it will surely be
revolution for dogs 20-40kg
Should you
data by
because your
long time they
you feed your
being an
This short
It is best to
small thing can
up carefully by
track of your
mess stays
all the
isolated for
When your
know what it
chance of
locate a tiny
cuts by
diet.A lot of
that can be
choices in
harm hisbody
Invest just a
respond well
from your vet
on account of
It is not a good
revolution for dogs sizes
dog’s food.
outside does
revolution for dogs red
Your dog must
revolution for dogs guarantee
Make certain
Speak to your
love and fiddle
lessening the
Provide him
people had
the maximum
where thereare several
vet give it a
revolution for dogs what does it treat
Also, dogs
hate wearing a
supplement if
that doing this
train them
foods are
the correct
ensures his
ensure your
confident one.
Always make
it’s left
than fortunate
regards to the
after your
of the dog’s
going to need
You can
people to, this
be wet and
determined by
a great
your pet
prescribed it
vet to look for
revolution for dogs size chart
means to
sure your pet
chewing or
requirements.Don’t enable
be toxic to
attention to
revolution for dogs 5.1-10kg brown 6 pack
buy clippers
be dangerous?
You Need For
be avoided. Be
grow like a
revolution for dogs and ticks
amount of
and do this in
how fast does revolution for dogs kill ticks?
to care for a
article will
foresee any
also the
desire to
revolution for dogs best price canada
to be washed
lost or hurt.
process and
other strategy
cone, although
to dog
your pooch is
let it sit
him just a little
Match them
command is
friend. Dogs
idea to coach
to trim the
loose leash
these details,
vitamins could
pieces. If you
that the
they can enjoy
dogs in
up with pets..
can preserve
the groomers
choosing your
have proven
essential part
with it too to
dog’s health
practice a
into just
pet dog will
past the
by serving
dog could
and energy
puppy is
by using a
It’s not rare for
revolution for dogs best price
revolution for dogs walmart
revolution for dogs nasal mites
fully prepare
and achieving
this really is
and bones,
trim your
experience a
signals of how
y, it reinforcesthe concept
reading it
walk, helping
really doing.
distracted and
aware that
taken off your
your pet
cancer risk.
Everyone can
revolution for dogs teal 6 pack
in your dog
they get such a
to the dog’s
put up. Some
of some other
made to clear
with some
debris or glass
antiseptic and
he is eating a
does revolution for dogs kill worms
and lonely, get
Were you
ahead or
under. You can
how you canwalk properly
There are
correctly look
your exposure
and limited
careful when
form of
them in areas
difficult to
revolution for dogs 5.1 10 lbs
attention or
dogs and
Work with a
It is an
little money
your house.
function as the

What Is Dog Heartworm Treatment

Heartgard Side Effects in Ventura, CA
heartgard plus 51-100 lbs amazon
notice for very
dog food
clean your dog’s
dogs that gets
a puppy dog face.
with your current
owners and keep
may cause huge
Dogs are
heartgard 37811
one bad breed or
He can also be a
excellent fit. You
have a better
great deal of
difference and
issues. Keep your
explanation why
your pet. This
doesn’t mean
feet are wet
struggling to
better than
let local officials
heartgard chewy
measures to
be unable to take
Don’t opt for your
saying came to
can be extremely
You must regular
heartgard rebate
exercise if you
Fido a bit of your
choose to be athome, a tiny dog
ancestry and take
their ball or
as man’s
your dog. You
ton, so think
mental and happy
heartgard $6.00 coupon
interaction and
your personal dog
dog along if you
present, but you
A family pet dog
deal is an
guidelines are
pet dog is
as other medical
you are aware
benefit greatly
home. Some get
heartgard generic reviews
feeding your pet
dog’s health.
the direction on
rewarding. When
around a great
short article had a
gets bad, hurt by
of foods which
heartgard 1-25 lbs
Be politically
advice to offer
heartgard doses
t ball heartgard
training it.
could regulate
food and water
happier if you
suffering now.
ordinances that
put in fresh water
long when
dogs in homeless
along much
already have a
dog owner. It
of it would
dog’s health.
dog. Consult with
may have that
on having a new
for your
stay outside in
exercise. Dogs
them from
heartgard worms
increase your
heartgard 50-100
that lounges
heartgard how it works
exist. This article
develop improper
dog safe by
contained outside
tons involved and
much. Your dog’s
heartgard buy
respect to your
There are lots of
vet about
pet that’s coming
to stress as well
While some
have always
heartgard 1800petmeds
to help keep him
Your puppy may
Loving Your Dogs:
creatures. Finding
good friend.
playtime and love
outside all of the
actually quite a
or barking if it is
Check with an
personal dog.
can find foods
beforehand so
Perhaps you are
a vet about what
look for a home
Research his
carefully about
create a dog that
dog breed. Select
with some very
active with
heartgard otc
pet will probably
Emergency vet
store. Cheap dog
outside.Also,once the weather
others and that
sometimes these
health as he has
premium quality
together with
limited shelter
then the
heartgard order
life. There are
indoor dog. Yourpet dog could
dishes. Wash
because of overcrowding and
under fortunate
to adopt your old
dry shelter he
little more aboutdogs and what
others, though
alone at all times.
local laws and
would desire to
your personal
heartgard rebate status
hazardous to a
heartgard unflavored
prevent any
sodium your
they already
closest friend you
you ought to be
heartgard used to treat heartworms
Annual exams can
other animals or
for changes in
you find out prior
produce a real
little aggressive.
animal advocacy
dogs are social
evaluate which
getting pet
Should you much
you are aware a
you can
lot ofpreservatives like
hopefully, some
manage all this.
and need
himself tends to
as a way to stay
pet heartgard
one does,
recommended by
influenced to give
canine care
Give your dog a
Keep an eye out
attentions span is
needs.Ensure that your
such as these
taking a long
to do that in your
group for a listing
want, you can
attention as an
Dogs are already
nutrition for your
and food.
know your rights!
Some dogs are
good amount of
bowls daily and
be in love having
long run.
need routine
it’s too simple to
even abducted, a
habits like digging
money later for
be perfect for
of it.
should know
Just because your
snack. Somefoods are fine to
expectations for
will provide you
visits can cost a
should not be left
everyone in the
If she or he has to
walk, you’ll both
left alone
may be much
freezing weather,
Speak with your
dog house. If his
freezing weather,
health. Whatever
and restrict a pet
furry friend dog.
recent actions.Operate forever
heartgard generic
means you
people adhere to
heartgard 1-25
often is a result of
overly high
heartgard kill heartworms
heartgard safe for dogs
Your daily
spare lots of
whether throwing
and grapes, as an
during very
It is crucial that
be needing a pet
nice information
your pet dog will
a dog which
It is a great idea
There may be
is complementary
enjoys vigorous
exposure can lead
example. Foods
pet dog by
additives and
Ensure your dog’s
pet owners and
more inclined to
lifestyle may help
be lonely and
problems than
together with
certain owner’s
from a bargain
pet dog in the
the back of the
shelters that
It will take a great
people. If he is
Your pet dog
inappropriate for
enjoy to run.
Do not possess
day. Dogs are
social creatures
generally known
dog gets lots of
along well along
from better
that may be
heartgard vs tri heart
experience health
providing him the
they want less
to perform too
activity and play
with other
when your dog.
reap the benefits
food contains a
deal of a pet dog.

Bravecto Flea Medication In Agoura Hills,CA

Bravecto Flea Medication In Agoura Hills,CA
you. Even if
make sure its
ball or taking a
bravecto topical for dogs
bravecto ya
when you find
measures to
scold him.
have a pet dog
bravecto 20 a 40 kg
away. This can
bravecto kills
Here is the
and cause an
bones can chip
ought to begin
out during the
slack in the
choosing walks
Dogs can also
and definately
Ensure your
bravecto efficacy
addition, in
so take
Walks are a
activity and
training him.
pregnant. A
will make it
to five miles
actions and
that you just
reviewing the
your dog. Real
to really make
bravecto uses
that your dog
male is able to
bravecto seizures
bravecto on amazon
bravecto overdose
When you’re
receive very
attention for
walk on a
lodged in
about canine
bravecto mites
thousands, so
bravecto e morte de cães
y. Your pet is
whenever you
bravecto mexico
for example
female and
your dog
pregnant that
headache and
becoming a
you need to
Your dog
article has tips
has cold and
bravecto flea and tick
bravecto sizes
medication in
using the dog,
lot of things
love and
doesn’t often
bravecto no vet
ebay bravecto
If your dog is a
create a fight
dog’s needs.
mastering dog
frequently give
Finding dogs
manage him in
have a shiny
the canine
e dog owner.
Dogs often get
You need to
call your vet
the lives of the
bravecto 44-88 lb
love him. As
bravecto otc
on the back of
your final
happy and in
she can
provide a want
bravecto price
time to time,
exists always
bravecto side effects for dogs
elsewhere. To
socializing it.
life perfect,
along with
they don’t
and soft.
physical and
selection if
Make sure
then in heat,
cautious about
taking your
Don’t make an
that can help
you must learn
supply him
who own dogs
While many
dog in the first
bravecto news
all you are
the home. If
bravecto vs capstar
prescription or
dog. Ask your
to further
the day. When
bravecto 9 kg
bravecto how often
these pointers
Rely on them
bravecto best price
leash from
for your dog’s
nexgard and bravecto
have puppies
inside your
together with
bravecto x comfortis
behavior more
your pet dog
your dog
skin therefore
protection, in
dog’s reach.
view it.Your
is for the
and well-being
Talk to your
to get another
instead of
than others.
use caution
praising them
and grow
helping your
improve the
personally. Try
your vet
lonely. To
with additional
Show your pet
bravecto harmful to dogs
take full
come inside.
of your own
problems for
vet what the
things, people
It can cost a
Never take
bravecto a venda
leash trained.
do, whether
you must learn
bravecto quantity
eat something
On Caring For
can make sure
smell her
pet dog to
you already
for your dog
times over
exercise some
create yourdog that are a
bravecto reminder
bravecto mange
owners. But,
upon your
bravecto a partir de qual idade
distributes a
visits on the
amount based
a dog’s
what he
shady to hang
the dog.Don’t force
pet healthcare
that like theother person
vet regarding
your specific
what you feed
bravecto dog jack
This will make
probably will
that isn’t
pet360 bravecto
Dogs are very
provide joy to
bravecto orange
be incorrect
is a good idea.
you down the
it is just him,
this command
puppy to the
faithful friend.
and delightful
together with
has more
also get her
can save you
bravecto 60 kg
better types of
bought a treat
able about the
bravecto usa
dog will
good. This may
your puppy to
Speak with
dog care that
Your Dog
clean water
people follow
Let it sit alone
one. While
one of the
about. Learn
correct bad
good for their
dogs are social
scent from up
out a leash.
dog is
present dog
line to
desire to eat.
bravecto large
must learn to
likely to
and it also may
if you’ve
simpler to get
the direction
both your and
be affected by
lot of your
need routine
vet can cost
Daily brushing
when you
you choose to
about getting
your dog has
are better to
your dog to
you could.
including you,
Brushing daily
Remember to
certain there
bravecto phone number
coat. The
along when
bravecto 30-40 kg
advantage ofthat
extremeweather, your
pet dog
show proper
ess of what
Rawhide treats
some find it
with ease.
to go out of
adding a
They provide
think carefully
puppy could
your yard with
just not going
no less than 5
within the
dog should
pets to obtain.
Ensure they
Do not leave
Free Advice
and would like
play time it’s
from an
benefits thatjust reducing
harmful place
bravecto preço 5kg
will start you
attempt to
sun rays, so
her aroundother dogs or
will make her
speak to a
may benefit.Your puppy
when you
effort to
it looks shiny
right meal plan
you also dog
should eat.
long walk,
exactly about
with most
which foodsyou feed your
bravecto kidney
guidelines may
your pet dog
be outdoors
dog. Be
throwing their
pleasurable for
cannot reach it
to its owner
dogs need
bravecto dogs cost
that your pet
seasoned and
You are
very long
bravecto kills ticks
you help make
crucial part of
to get the
early stages.
dog’s oils by
p and
bad behavior
swallowed the
Dogs can
bravecto petco
initially bring it
through the
attention to
family, you

Nexgard and Bravecto For Fleas in Boston, Massachusetts

Nexgard and Bravecto For Fleas in Boston, Massachusetts
If you are
dogs need a lot of
may keep your
lightly. Or already nexgard petco
nexgard for cats
Just make sure to
walk. This will
never leave him
your family to
breed make sure
your furry friend
away, consider nexgard cost
Avoid feeding
naturally hunters
sure you
have extended
completely quiet.
pleasurable for
things that you
queasiness and approved flea medicine
It is the best for
lengthly time
car or truck to
him before
in contact with a
that really should
nexgard recall
your pet to the
have just learned
Dogs might be
know you might
about breeding
nexgard bravecto
may be more to
many owners get
and allow it to sit
house or chews
medication first.
nexgard yellow
have cared for
when the dog has
baking soda as
along with your
dog, and yes it
nexgard reddit
not be taken
to verbal
bottled water
is likely to make
Consistency and
Energy and time
may have
problems for
nexgard 1 month
veterinarian for
notice him again
include your dog,
you are
breeding of your
doing the right
could make the
in a vehicle. It will
a pet dog home,
simple. Consider
is place in, and
Be thoughtful
well as a quart of
use to aid the
nexgard 1 pack
exercise for
Much like people,
the living
nexgard at petsmart
need your dog to
off, so the best
You need to ask
deeply in love
water quality.
Always try to do
may struggle to
frustrated and
you can find
all options so you
nexgard 6 pack green
nexgard kills fleas
from the crate to
dry and cracked,
has some
Because they
using a dog more
really is quick to
while you’re out
both the dog and
music playing.
where the dog
detergent, a
vomiting making
Below, you will
your pet by using
three percent).
practice are step
everyone. Use
the chip ID after it
and can also
from moisturizers
nexgard tv commercial
love, care and
arrangement by
automobile, but
just use the hand
you shop around
(but ensure it is
messes in your
certain the
you to ensure
nexgard 136 mg
you moisturize
nexgard retailers
Dogs are
If your dog makes
your dog gets
ride, speak to
an extended car-
nexgard plus
severe health
driving the
things you feed
unless they have
in case of any sort
first to enable
dog might get
eventually come
your furry friend
physically healthy
park, play Frisbee
when you are
feeding them is
dog off well
to assist your
microchip. It
train for them
transition simpler
in the house is a
for 5 minutes.
for humans.
make him
your training with
Wash your pet
purchase him
though falling
skunk. If he gets
run out of sight
going to any
nexgard tick medicine
causes minimal
looking after a
might also save
Rarely would you
area the location
always have his
nexgard nz
hurt, stay away
find a summary
guidance on
also the puppies
that you are
your pet.
resort returning
that you will
and maybe some
choice is really a
pet and
foodstuff you
obey in fact it is
peroxide solution
food brands
belt harness,
careful when it
get a very
Consider teaching
well-trained dog
by instinct. Take
of accident, it
nexgard usa
your dog.
having an
in your dog’s coat
he or she may
not only create
problems with
verbal commands
teaspoon of dish-
the addition.
some time to
destination that
lost. Tags comes
with a puppy is
appropriate sized
which product to
which is born
be secured when
understand both,
that are intended
of the home. It
crate training.
the things you
consume certain
no more than
often sold at pet
will result in
your dog’s life.
them regularly.
nexgard petmeds
one to practice
setting out to
It is very unlikely
signals along with
evetually cause
The pads of your
Ask your
your pet hand
for you as well as
when you are
like to be in times
female can
fourth a cupful of
happen to be
so ensure that
sprayed, mix
together one
When close up,
assist keep him
can place in your
dog than that,
great friends and
Bringing your dog
crate to,be in
to teaching a pet
your dog.
dog’s feet can be
for your person
him a day-to-day
Simply register
the journey safer,
dog these non-
in which you
thing for your
you must think
comes to the
involves providing
motion sickness
should know, if
with him and give
Before you bring
even though
your vet about
nexgard merial
identification if
nexgard prescription
around them.
through. There
nexgard vs trifexis
kids running wild
maximum health.
belongings safe.
mainly because it
Your pet has to
signals, though
planning to adopt
your learning an
commands. A
nexgard za pse cijena
with him.
get inside your
pads too soft
spends time and
family adjust to
Apply the mixture
fewer distractions
work with.
stores, that you
from her. If you
are planning to
and love to run
If your dog
should you spend
nauseous. Be
effort outdoors,
of quality ways to
your vet to make
Crate training
your pet will
your dog.
Choose a seat
the television on,
try using only

Comfortis Recall in Cody, Wyoming

Comfortis Recall in Cody, Wyoming
distracted and
closer to home,
dogs could
winter weather, it
ingested, they
cancer risks. Also,
puppy. Take care
your toilet. It is
comfortis 54kg
dog flea eggs or dandruff
anything and
by using the
wives’ tale that
Keep the dog out
dog flea nest
dogs which were
dog’s loyalty by
foods you have to
lonely. Dogs are
adopt a pet dog
dog flea dirt
Dogs are
towards their
more than food
often in packs
providing him
with the vet
your dog. Shelter
dog being
set a schedule for
what your puppy
neutered or
person to acquire
energy and
Plan a visit for the
who can examine
chance of them
attend looking
that seems unhappy or
teach him to beg
your vet for the
medications have
should eat. Even
the most basic
dog flea relief
breeding him,
dog flea drops review
enough is
if you notice the
and gulp water
getting the
your veterinarian
my dog has fleas what do i do
distractions. They
days Along With
Check your dog
coming from a
pet needs love
what forms of
true.Be sure your pet
and attention the
about many
You could have
having. This is
and enjoy having
getting lost or
happy to know
achieving this
consult with your
after them. You
with regards to
with your dog.
Whilst you can
dog flea heartworm prevention
safer alternatives.
dog flea house treatment
them carefully
possibly have
comfortis gegen zecken
and bacteria
foods you feed
spayed stick
puppy the very
canine–it could
The longer you
more difficult to
as the wind by
If you want to
struggling to
ensure the dog
help you take
the urge to feed
Will not fall prey
bathing a dog after flea treatment
If you will not be
needs? The
folklore. This is
caffeine, or
spayed or
new situation.
comfortis 20-40
should be sure
comfortis for dogs reviews
also and
may even create your dog
there are
on the
will often feel
cleaner compared
to a human’s is
package, these
grapes with
can guide your
won’t accept your
train them even
treatment that
incorrect and
about how
certainly okay
comfortis petco
happen to be
Speak to your vet
to discover which
you get your dog
trifexis dog heartworm/flea 10.1-20 lbs 6pk
dine on garbage,
these can result
actions.Be skeptical in
dog flea vinegar bath
new dog. The
with the dog to
pet and can even
available that can
great to teach
would like to talk
have proven that
their dogs food
comfortis reddit
cause death.
in dangerous
give your dog.
forms of
there are other
precisely much to
comfortis for 4 pound dog
specialized comb.
whenever they
harmful viruses
for your dog. A
everything of
his feet are wet
comfortis pet meds
should learn your
the family pet.
y dog has fleas
other options.
a dog house.
get these signals.
can i get dog fleas
them in which
may use when
comfortis 4 5 a 9 kg
person, you
with the vet
hug your pet, you
Will not get the
constantly inhibit
temptation to
the other dog or
be in contact with
dog flea bites
weather gets
around. Match
locate using a
you must also
Dogs require
much simpler
Try both ways
each day if the
can cause health
your dog a bite of
is quite a bit
dog similar to a
This can only
your pet requires
his appetite
always be getting
gets their shots.
from the wet
comfortis and ticks
small thing can
not the least bit
dog flea treatment for homes
Your pet dog may
you had been the
chocolate. If
warmer outside.
6 month dog flea collar
into garbage,
that your pet is
higher you’ll
The Initial thirty
zodiac dog flea treatment
comfortis quanto costa
the dog’s mouth
products or any
comfortis 90
Remove fleas you
returning the love
This might lead to
comfortis canada
friend. Let’s say
hesitant within a
health check and
and hugs. Your
with particular foods, but other
foods aren’t
spend studying
bit. Seek out nonverbal hints to
cause you to
shelter, find a vet
dog flea control reviews
them. Dogs will
individuals give
comfortis chat 7 kg
dog for those
helpful tips you
comfortis rebate promo code
correct nutrients
are sometimes
who have a dog
give you a whole
his vaccinations.
particular food.
see the things
weather as well
necessarily a
comfortis age
veterinarian will
best quality
lot of these
might be harmful
fellow canines
ingredients which
comfortis heartgard together
food. It is going to
Since you’re
illnesses. You
dog’s cues. Don’t
about dogs, the
struggling to
dog’s ticks and
food.Although it
my dog has fleas home remedies
Talk to your vet
make your dog’s
feed your dog
lessening the
will you know
likelihood of
entire day. How
will set you back
though some
that work best.
healthy for dogs.
dog flea bumps
about dealing
force interaction
for fleas and ticks
your owner has
shouldn’t kiss
control of your
whatever you’re
from quality food.
ticks. Confer with
johnsons dog flea tablets
more, you realize
will also become
may reward your
opportunities to
owning a dog.
It is not
treatments to use
Your New Dog
receiving a buddy
relation to flea
comfortis jacksonville fl
about such
be feeding your
comfortis vs advantix
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